Thursday, May 31, 2007


From A Tiny Revolution: all reports, President Bush is more convinced than ever of his righteousness.

Friends of his from Texas were shocked recently to find him nearly wild-eyed, thumping himself on the chest three times while he repeated "I am the president!" He also made it clear he was setting Iraq up so his successor could not get out of "our country's destiny."


Ian said...

I am the President = I am above criticism.

He's right that the US is rapidly moving toward its destiny.

helmut said...

You're right, in the same sense that when one eats a salad, it is rapidly moving towards its destiny too.

Anonymous said...

What a freak. I see all manner of merchandise (coffee mugs, candy:impeachmints, embarrassmints, of course stickers and t shirts) begging negative remarks and a few bucks to be shared as we, as a nation, groan under the ignorant fist that so blatantly slapped us in the face in the farce of an election 2 terms ago. What's next? He'll be streaking the press conferences before long. It's really not funny, yet somehow, it's impossible not to laugh at this dangerous corn ball!