Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sisters in the Struggle

Chummy-chums Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Nicolas Sarkozy bummed around for a while yesterday -- the latter explaining the problem of illegal immigrants to the former, who shared with the latter the drawbacks of leading a country in danger of being overrun by violently fractious crime syndicates. They don't appear to have had a conversation, so much as a pleasant exchange of sound-bite rehearsals; but that's what political allies are for, right?

The leaders, who hit it off like a pair of Catholic schoolgirls, had nothing, it turns out, on their wives. At a cozy dinner last night, Sarkozy's old lady and Calderón's old lady found that they had, like, so much in common:
En la cena, su esposa Cecilia Sarkozy coincidió con Margarita Zavala en que ambas estudiaron en colegios manejados por las hermanas de la Asunción, y que incluso la francesa había previsto asistir al Vaticano -como hizo la mexicana- a la canonización de la madre María Eugenia de Millares, fundadora de la orden religiosa.

It left me in mind of the recent Lesbians on Ecstasy track, "Sisters in the Struggle," with its sticks-in-your-head refrain: "we've been waiting all our lives / for our sisters to be our lovers."

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