Thursday, June 07, 2007

We Are All Democrats Now?

Poll: Americans Lean Dem By Wide Margin
The new AP-Ipsos poll has a fascinating number. Respondents were asked they identified as Democrats, Republicans or independents, and then independents were asked which way they lean. With leaners, 54% of Americans are Democrats, compared to only 36% Republicans — an almost 20-point Dem margin. This is likely a product of recent Washington scandals and mishandling of foreign affairs by Republicans, but it could very well turn into a full-fledged political realignment if the Democrats can sustain it.


Jonathan Versen said...

however much I'd like to see the poll you mention as cause for rejoicing, I look at what the dems in congress are actually doing, on the one hand, and the blithering eagerness of the '08 prez candidates to sound martial tough on Iran on the other, and I'm thinking that we may still be screwed.

if the dems are elected but too afraid to behave like dems, how are they more useful than a new coat of paint?

MT said...

The problem with these numbers is that they're based on self-reporting, which is going to skew results. Poll teenagers on whether they masterbate and you'll see the same effect.