Sunday, August 19, 2007

Surveillance Acquisition and Transfer

I've been watching Subtopia, keeping an eye on its daily movements, waiting for the moment to take advantage of any sign of weakness. The day shall yet arrive on cat's feet, the product of patient surveillance. Today, surveillance snatches the fruit of subtopian labor, the labor of compiling links to the fruit of others' labor who have linked to yet others' labor. Under the standard labor theory of value, throwing in a dash of Nozick's entitlement theory of justice in acquisition, we are herewith creating reams - or fruit trees - of virtual value.

And yet, the question nags: have I acquired fairly? (And, for that matter, has Subtopia transferred fairly?). If not, if I have acquired unfairly the fruits of subtopian labor, if I have exploited labor, rectification is in order on the Nozickean account over a long chain of link acquisitions, perhaps with no known originator of value-producing labor (how could this be so?).

How does one rectify unfair linkage acquisition and transfer in the blogosphere? The only known answer is the reverse link. Otherwise known as surveillance.

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