Friday, November 02, 2007

Mp3 Find of the Day

...And it's a monster of a find. I would venture to say that this is the greatest blog post of downloadable Brazilian music ever, and will probably remain so long into the future. I've been following this fine blog, Som Barato, for some time now. SB links us to O OMEdI, which, based on Rolling Stone Brasil's listing of the 100 greatest Brazilian records of all time, has made the albums available to download. O OMEdI is responsible for the work here. If you want an instant collection of the finest of Brazilian music, here you go.

If you know Brazilian music, the list won't be surprising. It's heavy on Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Os Mutantes, Jobim, and Jorge Ben. A lot of one-time wonders aren't on the list. Nonetheless, here's a chance to fill in the blank spots in your collection.

If you don't know Brazilian music well, I suggest starting with a handful of important classics: the magnificent, gentle samba album Elis and Tom; Chico Buarque's psych masterpiece Construção; Os Mutantes' A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado; Elizeth Cardoso's lovely 1958 album Canção do Amor Demais; Tom Zé's psych-samba classic Estudando o Samba; and, of course, the mighty, late Chico Science's Afrociberdelia. But, really, you can hardly go wrong with this list (although I tend to stay away from Roberto Carlos). It's a fun ride through a diverse and beautiful musical heritage.


MT said...

Wow. Those must add up to a Brazilian, as our Napster in Chief would say. And so ripe, these fruits. You are a munificent one, oh helmut.

helmut said...

Ah, well, the links are all apparently biting digital dust.