Friday, January 11, 2008

Goldberg's Rule

John Cole on Jonah Goldberg's new book, Liberal Fascism:
First there was Godwin’s Law. Then we had the less noticeable Kevin’s Law and Cole’s Law. Now, after reading the Jonah Goldberg interview in Salon, our commentariat has come up with the “Goldberg Principle”:
You can prove any thesis to be true if you make up your own definitions of words.
See also this year-old unread-book review.


Anonymous said...

as in define "is"?

jenhargis said...

Monkey spring vanilla tambourine.

helmut said...

You're really off-base, Jen. That would be an accordion, not a tambourine.

Seems our fascism expert, Goldberg, forgot the other day that Mussolini was a fascist (and Fascist).

jenhargis said...

my bad