Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Friends, Students, Bloggers

Up late getting the primary election returns fix through frequent refresh clicks on four different sites....

I've had the pleasure of having some terrific students over the years at NYU and at the University of Maryland, and several current and former students have blogs. Some are mostly personal and seldom updated. Look, they're busy writing papers... or policy... or traveling. Others are directed at a wider audience and are regularly updated (get back to work!).

I now take this opportunity to pay homage. Please pay them a visit.

Satire, Sports...
Wild Threads
Isaac Smith
1001 Tandoori Nights
The Expanding Circle
The Adventures of Benjamin and Libby (see also their site, No Falling)
Dzutsev's Weblog
Walkin' Lawton
Where in the World Is Miel?

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