Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How Integrity Works

John Cole:

Step 1: GOP wingnut (is that redundant?) says something offensive, writes a nasty editorial, creates a vicious radio or tv spot.

Step 2: Ad receives widespread coverage and national attention.

Step 3: McCain condemns the ad/editorial/whatever.

Step 4: Chris Matthews and other bobbleheads in the media show off their man-crush for McCain while praising his integrity AND showing the offending ad/editorial on national television.

Step 5: I scream at the television and send another 25 bucks to the Obama campaign.


troutsky said...

How the Spectacle works: tens of millions of people come home in the evening after working harder than ever for less and less and by flicking a switch are given the "message of the week", a comforting dose of clarity swallowed down with two to three stout cocktails.The overt and the subliminal programming have commodified and are integrated at a molecular level.

helmut said...

Maybe one day we'll have a pundit influence gene.