Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm grading papers.... Here's some stuff to read and listen to:

Greenpeace exposes a serious whale meat scandal in Japan. [thanks, YF]

A very beautiful car, a 1961 Ferrari California Spyder, goes for nearly $11 million.

Dennis Perrin wonders about the eerie silence at the recent report on the 1950-51 massacres in Korea. The US was on the side of the mass executioners. See also Chris Floyd on Americans paying attention.

More Errol Morris on the Abu Ghraib photographs.

Great investigative work on the Iowa immigrant raid.

Another piece on the ethics of climate change.

And in the Kentucky primaries today, 20% of voters - nearly all of them white Clinton supporters - say race played a role in their vote.


Some Latin-tinged Pakistani music.

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