Monday, August 04, 2008

American Massacres in South Korea

This has received nearly zero press in the US (but see here), and was largely tamped down by the US-supported rightwing governments of the country since the war. If the new democratic South Korea makes serious demands for reparations from the US, it'll trickle into the US media. I posted something briefly about it a while back. But here... again. What is the message to draw?
South Korean investigators, matching once-secret documents to eyewitness accounts, are concluding that the U.S. military indiscriminately killed large groups of refugees and other civilians early in the Korean War.

A half-century later, the Seoul government's Truth and Reconciliation Commission has more than 200 such alleged wartime cases on its docket, based on hundreds of citizens' petitions recounting bombing and strafing runs on South Korean refugee gatherings and unsuspecting villages in 1950-51.

Concluding its first investigations, the 2 1/2-year-old commission is urging the government to seek U.S. compensation for victims.


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