Monday, September 22, 2008

"Faster than you can say Hugo Chavez"

I don't think there has been such a power shift, even in time of war. This is truly unprecedented. I don't think any other administration would have the chutzpah to do this--even Nixon. Roosevelt would find it amusing but he wouldn't have dreamed of going this far. Bush/Paulson obviously want Congress way, way out of the loop for some reason.

Yale Law deputy dean Jon Macey on the sought-for $700 billion, no-strings, blank check for the Executive to spend in any way and on any corporation it chooses, with a guarantee of immunity from future investigative review and/or prosecution by Congress or in the Courts. On NPR's great new pod series, Planet Money


troutsky said...

I understand McCains Hugo bashing but c'mon, he has constitutional authority to nationalize property and at least he had the decency to call for a referendum on expanding his power. (which he lost with grace, mostly,ok,a couple of Human Rights Watch personel)
Remember how Hitler ended up with so much power? Expect a little fire in the Reichstag.

helmut said...

MT! It's great to have you back. It was getting really lonely around here.

MT said...

Thanks, helmut! Hey, I've missed getting my phronesisaical fix out in the wide webless world. It's hard out there.