Monday, September 15, 2008

Who Is John McCain? Part 4

At 3 Quarks:
It is said that Americans vote for such rough and common candidates as McCain and his consort Ms. Palin not because they agree with the ratiocinations of these persons in matters political, but because their world has been "dis-enchanted" by the onslaught of "modernity," beloved of the atheistickal party of Democritus, and they are now looking for a means to re-enchant their world with "values," to see themselves (to quote another learned American doctor) as "part of a normative whole that includes man and nature in a unified and intricate web of meaning." What do McCain and Palin propose in this connection? What vital principles do they see as governing natural motion? Souls, perhaps? Entelechies? Psychopyric semina? Hylozoickal archaei?

We must know: What is McCain's position on hylozoism? If he is against it, then what, pray tell, does he propose to get nature moving again? We have heard reports of his proposals for giving the economy a "boost," but in God's name what use will this be if, in the end, our world is nothing more than a great mass of corpuscles rudely knocking each other about?

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troutsky said...

"rough and common" says it all, at some point they gave up on empirical and settled for "common" sense.Who cares if they can find Iran on a map? If they know what a derivitive is? The American people are the Country/Western music of the world while others study Mozart and Coltrain.Reagan was the triumph of anti-intellectualism but little thought was given to the end game.