Friday, February 06, 2009

FAIR on Colombia and Venezuela

Any evenhanded comparison of the Colombian and Venezuelan governments’ human rights records would have to note that, though Venezuela’s record is far from perfect, that country is by every measure a safer place than Colombia to live, vote, organize unions and political groups, speak out against the government or practice journalism.

But a new survey by FAIR shows that, over the past 10 years, editors at four leading U.S. newspapers have focused more on purported human rights abuses in Venezuela than in Colombia, and their commentary would suggest that Venezuela’s government has a worse human rights record than Colombia’s. These papers, FAIR found, seem more interested in reinforcing official U.S. policy toward the region than in genuinely supporting the rights of Colombians and Venezuelans....


beedotmy said...

colombia vs venezuela
who won

Anonymous said...

"who won"

Answer: Israel

This has been yet another edition of simple answers to hard questions.

troutsky said...

A far better comparison would be Colombia and Sudan. 2000 union members or social leaders were murdered were murdered in Colombia last year.