Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bits and Pieces - July 16, 2009

As a country, we're going to be revisiting questions about what functions government contractors should be able to carry out. Carrying guns in a war zone? Interrogating prisoners? Controlling the nuclear weapons design and production cycle? Making and executing foreign policy?

We ration health care now. Maybe we might get rational about it. Or maybe we're rational now and the change should be considering the citizen as well as the insurance companies.

I was really excited about space travel, until the actual thing seemed to be confined to (what seemed to me at the time) elderly men. Never have felt the same about it since. Send robots to Mars. They've been doing a good job.

I'm very grateful to Hillary Clinton and the Department of State for ending those horrible marching letters across the heading of their web pages. More to be said about the substance later.

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