Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Detroit Misses the Mark Again

Chevrolet today has an extra-obnoxious ad on the New York Times site. One of the latest ad memes is to have something unfold across the print you'd like to read. Presumably the geniuses who thought this up believe that I am stupid enough to read their ads instead of the text of the article. Wrong!

Today's brilliant stroke unfolds across the text. It has a "close X" in the upper right-hand corner. But you have to click within approximately a millimeter square, perhaps less (two pixels?) not to activate the full thing in a new tab. And when you get within that millimeter or so, nothing happens. That's the best you can do. And the ad remains splayed across the text.

Nice work, New York Times and Chevrolet!

Update: Aaahhh, recalled that refreshing the page brings up a different ad.

All this gives the NYT and Chevrolet extra clicks. But not reader love.

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