Monday, October 19, 2009

Bits and Pieces - October 19, 2009

Errol Morris is at his historical studies of photography again, this time of the Rooselvelt administration during the Great Depression. I don't see the alarm-clock connection yet.

Robert McNamara and McGeorge Bundy on how Vietnam might have been different, and the difficulties of dealing with President Lyndon Johnson.

Is J Street becoming competitive in influence with AIPAC?

Pew is going to track government subsidies.

If you read the blogosphere at all, you probably have seen some of the uproar over Superfreakonomics' take on global warming. Here's a way into it if you have missed it. Apparently the Superfreaks like big interventions like "climate engineering" rather than reducing carbon dioxide emissions. So there's a fair bit of commentary on that too. Here's Ezra Klein. I think most of these schemes are nuts (added: here's why for SO2), although there are some simple interventions, like making roofs white, that could be called geoengineering that seem reasonable. From my window, I can see two new white roofs, one on a bank and one on a school. Good job!

At least the US is now willing to talk about regulating the trade in conventional weapons. A small step forward.

North Korea reiterates its basic request.

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