Monday, October 26, 2009

Changes in the Climate Change Climate

The Post does an enthusiastic story on "Green Leap" China's progress. Yes, China is moving quickly toward a greener economy, and more power to them. But it's not always what it appears prima facie, which is what the Post sees. It's one thing to set new regulations and do new research, and even build new renewable energy technologies and install them, it's another thing to have them actually work in a country that needs serious infrastructural construction and coordination between provincial governments.

Moreover, the institutional capacities of China (and India and other developing countries) likely don't match up to the massive technology transfer demands integral to China's international negotiating position.

RealClimate addresses the global warming "pause" theme that has been tossed around recently - NASA graph above via them.

Developed nations' emissions reduction pledges fall short, if you need reconfirmation of that. Plus, here's a discussion of the ethical failures of national GHG reductions proposals in the run-up to Copenhagen. Plus, recommendations for strengthening the ethical dimensions of the UNFCCC negotiating text (the negotiating text can be found here and is appended here).

And... from UNEP, "Disney Fairy Declared Honorary Ambassador of Green."

How can you top Green Ambassador Tinkerbell? Maybe with the Encyclopedia of Life's organism of the day, Pissodes strobi?

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