Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bits and Pieces - November 12, 2009

President Dmitri Medvedev told Russia today to pull up its socks. Medvedev's prescriptions sound very much like Dmitri Trenin's in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs, unfortunately behind a paywall.

The Los Angeles Times's November 1989 response to the destruction of the Berlin Wall. They pretty much got it right. But then, they wouldn't have republished it if they didn't.

Speaking of the media, Will Bunch wonders why it's Jon Stewart who keeps exposing right-wing lies instead of the MSM. Hey Will, you're a member of that elite fraternity! What are you doing about it?

UN investigator finds "shameful neglect of the homeless." Third world? Think again.

Indymedia supoenaed to find out who's reading it.

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