Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bits and Pieces - November 17, 2009

Hippopotamuses attack a crocodile on the Nile. Great photos!

Did Israel forge the documents for that ship allegedly carrying weapons to Hezbollah? Looks like the same sort of screwup as with the Niger yellowcake supplied to Saddam Hussein. Is there a consultant who specializes in out-of-date forgeries?

Why I can't support the nuclear industry. A continuing sense of privilege not unlike Goldman Sachs. See the comments by NRC commissioner Gregory Jaczko. This is the way those guys have always operated.

The START bridging agreement will most likely include provisional implementation of the new treaty, rather than extension of the old one. Good news that means that America and Russia are basically in agreement on the new treaty but need time to finalize it, rather than that they are at odds, as too many in the MSM have reported.

Oh, and tonight is the maximum for the Leonid meteors. Or early tomorrow morning, to be exact. Looks like the sky will be clear here, a nice change from the last couple of meteor showers.

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