Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bits and Pieces - November 21, 2009

Essay or novel? Zadie Smith.

Congress gets around to considering whether all those military contractors can be held responsible for their actions.

Irtysh River, North Kazakhstan, dawn. Imagine a cuckoo and a million other birds singing.

Tug of war over the Irtysh River's water. More background here.

If you want to read only one rant on Sarah Palin, this is it.

Who runs Russia, anyway?

It seems to have been a crabby week for a lot of us. I have pulled my fingers back from the keyboard several times and deleted at least one crabby post before it could embarrass me. But it seems I'm not alone, and I'll let David Shorr's rant stand in for all those things I didn't write.

Why exercise makes you less anxious.

Alllll right! Call blocking while the car is moving!

JFK would be 92 years old if he hadn't been killed 46 years ago tomorrow. Ted Sorenson on what might please and disappoint Kennedy.

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