Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Music of 2009

It's that time of year for the Phronesisaical Best Music awards, which is just me - Helmut - listing musicians and albums I found particularly interesting this year, who you might have missed, and who deserve reaffirmation of their good work.

As with previous years (linked below), these are in no particular order. They're not categorized by genre either this year. May all these musicians prosper in 2010.

Joakim Milky Ways (French industrial pop)

Dan AuerbachKeep It Hid (blues folk rock)

Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian QuesadaCoconut Rock (Latin tejano)

Hornet LegRibbon of Fear (garage pop)

The Phenomenal Handclap BandThe Phenomenal Handclap Band (pop, disco rock, R&B)

El Perro del MarLove Is Not Pop (pop)

Yura Yura TeikokuHollow Me (Japanese underground psych; 2007 lp, released in US 2009)

Buddy & Julie MillerWritten in Chalk (country rock)

Euros ChildsSon of Euro Child (Welsh alternative pop)

Mama RosinBlack Robert (Swiss Creole-blues garage)

Dan Melchior und Das Menace - Thankyou Very Much (garage)

Jumping Beans & .tape. (Daniel Romero) - yo.yo.pang! (experimental)

Beirut March of the Zapotec (Dig) EP (indie)

Lord Newborn & The Magic SkullsLord Newborn & The Magic Skulls (funk pop)

OLAibiTingaruda (Japanese post rock)

Graham CoxonThe Spinning Top (rock)

Micachu & The ShapesJewellery (avantpop)

Melvin Gibbs' Elevated EntityAncients Speak (R&B, afrobeat)

Staff Benda Bilili - Très Très Fort (Congolese street rumba)

Lucas SanttanaSem Nostalgia (Brazilian avant rock)

The Cotton Jones Basket RideParanoid Cocoon (indie)

Bobby Ubangi - Inside the Mind of Bobby Ubangi (garage)

Shugo TokumaruRum Hee (Japanese psych pop)

Sir Richard BishopThe Freak of Araby (experimental guitar)

Ela OrleansLost (electronic experimental)

Wand (Wooden Wand)Hard Knox (psych folk)

Holden Fantomatisme (French pop rock)

Heartless BastardsThe Mountain (garage rock)

Richard SwiftThe Atlantic Ocean (pop)

William Elliot WhitmoreAnimals in the Dark (punk soul blues)

The Strange Boys...And Girls Club (garage rock)

Tumbélé! Biguine, Afro & Latin Sounds: French Caribbean 1963-73 - compilation (Afro-Creole)

Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges 1968-1974 - compilation (soul, psych)

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Andy said...

I'm disappointed I haven't heard of any of them, but will be checking them out for sure now.

helmut said...

Part of the point is just to alert folks to some stuff they might not have heard. Some of this music here teeters at the edge of real obscurity.

Shores Blog said...

good stuff on this list. I'll be back to check on the ones I haven't heard of. who's the pic at the top?

helmut said...

That top photo is the cover of the Hornet Leg album, "Ribbon of Fear."