Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bits and Pieces - New Year's Eve Edition

A small bit of good news to start the year.

Mark Hibbs, one of the world's most acute reporters on things nuclear, comes out from behind the Platts subscription wall to give us the agenda facing Yukyia Amano, the successor to Mohamed ElBaradei as director general of the IAEA.

I was wondering whether the special deal Ben Nelson got for the feds to pay all of Nebraska's Medicaid was constitutional. So are thirteen states' attorneys general.

Looks like the TSA and the airlines are backing off from the stupider restrictions they hysterically imposed as the result of the underpants bomber.

And a happy new year to everyone! I usually don't make predictions, but I am optimistic about the new year and the return of good sense, which should back us off from the attack of the crazies that the underpants bomber brought us and perhaps give us a better result in the election than anyone expects just now.

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