Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama and Spending

Via Sullivan:
President Obama notched substantial successes in spending cuts last year, winning 60 percent of his proposed cuts and managing to get Congress to ax several programs that had bedeviled President George W. Bush for years. The administration says Congress accepted at least $6.9 billion of the $11.3 billion in discretionary spending cuts Mr. Obama proposed for the current fiscal year. An analysis by The Washington Times found that Mr. Obama was victorious in getting Congress to slash 24 programs and achieved some level of success in reducing nine other programs... By comparison, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says Mr. Bush won 40 percent of his spending cuts in fiscal 2006 and won less than 15 percent of his proposed cuts for 2007 and 2008.
And an entire political movement is built on a myth born of propaganda. A fine example of right-wing populism for the annals of history.

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Andy said...

Well naturally it's easier to get things done when your party controls both the executive and the legislature. It's therefore pretty unremarkable that President Obama's proposals would have a higher success rate than Bush.