Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bits and Pieces - February 18, 2010

Ellen Tauscher, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, at the Second Annual Nuclear Deterrence Summit:
Our primary focus today is no longer deterring a large-scale nuclear conflict between two superpowers, but preventing the use of even a single nuclear weapon.
Another thing a credible deterrent does not depend on is testing.
As the release of the Nuclear Posture Review approaches, there is speculation as to which way it will tilt. The State Department seems to be coming on strong for President Obama's move toward the concept that the only function of nuclear weapons is to deter their use by others.

And, speaking of such things, here's Vice President Biden's speech today. On the Nuclear Posture Review:
We believe we have developed a broad and deep consensus on the importance of the President’s agenda and the steps we must take to achieve it. The results will be presented to Congress soon.
He's addressing the speculation that there is deep disagreement among the agencies.

Matt Miller reminds us that federal budgets hardly ever turn out the way they're projected.

Disappointing news for UFO buffs.

People support the elements of the health care reform bill(s), even if they don't like the bill(s) themselves.

Will China support Iran sanctions? David Shorr and the International Crisis Group come to similar conclusions.

The manifesto from the guy who flew a plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas today.

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J. said...

Re: the FY11 budget, happy national lab people... see also

The NNSA Fact Sheet released for the FY11 budget includes a $7 billion request for weapons activities, up $624 million (9.8%) from last year. This $7 billion is broken down as follows:

Stockpile Support activities -- $2 billion (up $405 million, or 25%) Science, Technology and Engineering -- $1.6 billion (up $153 million, or 10.4%) Infrastructure -- $2.3 billion (up $102.6 million, or 4.7%)