Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alex Chilton

Alex Chilton died yesterday in New Orleans at the age of 59. Apart from Chilton's solo career, he brought us first The Boxtops (their biggest hit was their version of Wayne Carson Thompson's "The Letter") and then, of course, the magnificent and tragically under-appreciated Big Star.

The latter band's influence runs deep and wide throughout pop music since the 1970s, almost on a par with the likes of Brian Wilson (almost). But they never really quite got their due with the public.

If you're not acquainted with Big Star, you might recognize "In the Street." My favorites include "September Gurls" "Give Me Another Chance," "Nighttime," "The India Song,"and "Thirteen," among others.

With some deaths a piece of oneself is gently carried away and buried. Goodbye, dear Alex.

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MT said...

Thanks for that. I hadn't appreciated who he was.