Sunday, March 28, 2010

Popish Behavior

Whether in religion or politics or both, we've been learning once again that faith and power bend reality to their will.
In a clear indication that the Vatican continues to insist the continual abuse revelations are part of a conspiracy the Pope said: "From God comes the courage not to be intimidated by petty gossip."...

As he spoke, thousands of pilgrims who had gathered in a sunlit St Peter's Square clapped and shouted "Viva il Papa" (Long Live The Pope). The scandals seemingly not to have had an impact on their faith.

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MT said...

Well, the Church hasn't had a recent Watergate and to distrust this man would mean giving up on more than just him--at least, not without building a new compartment in their heads for such an exception to the principles of the universe as they understand them, and maybe even squaring its design and placement with fellow congregants, though such talk would feel shameful and invite their scorn. Easiest and safest I guess to wait and hear whether the institution itself offers a reconciling interpretation of what happened. Maybe after another pope or two--or five. All will be well in the end, I'm sure. Now go and say your prayers. (It's not like this is worth risking eternity in flames.)