Sunday, April 11, 2010


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MT said...

The same berry or very close variants seems to go by several other names more or less regionally across the US. I wish I could remember all of them, but can't remember any besides the name I learned stuffing my face with them while being cut and pierced by thorns--an association hard to unlearn. One option I know is a prevalent East/West thing that shows up on packaging and in product names. Marion Berry maybe? Black Raspberry might be another. Others I know I've heard but haven't seen written even on a mason jar. I'd try again to assemble a collection if anybody can contribute. Don't give me "Salmon Berries" or names for berries that don't look role. This is not color-blind casting.

Cheryl Rofer said...

No, no, no!

Marionberries are some sort of hybrid, not at all wild.

Black raspberries are something else altogether, more like red raspberries but a much better flavor, I've always thought. You can hardly find them any more. I'm not sure if these grow wild. Red raspberries do in some places.

But blackberries are blackberries everywhere!

MT said...

I know those aliases are out there. Berry certain indeed.

MT said...

Just to show there is no limit to the lengths I'll go for an answer, here's Wikipedia: "Other names occasionally used include wild black raspberry, black caps..."


"In various parts of the United States, wild blackberries are sometimes called 'Black-caps', a term more commonly used for black raspberries, Rubus occidentalis."