Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bits and Pieces - June 22, 2010

The Gulf oil slick from space. Via.

Life below the slick.

By demanding that Obama show his emotions in public, the critics reinforce the very worst parts of our political culture.

Another view of President Obama's temperament.

Eugene Robinson points out that Joe Barton's apology to BP was part of his prepared remarks. Not a gaffe. Can't repeat this enough.

Joshua Pollock speculates on the source of that xenon from North Korea.

I've always admired Edward Brooke, and
he comes through again.

We've still got some good teachers around.

Does the news media spend too much time on news?

Added later: BP is the main developer of oil wells in the Caspian Sea. Russia is worried.

McChrystal's media advisors.

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