Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Concern Trolling and Gender Confusion

Kathleen Parker does the first today, severely undermining Michael Gerson's argument. It's always fun to see the wingers at the Post messing with each other's heads.

Ooooh, it's all right to be like a woman, Parker assures us far too many times in comparing Obama's style to something that isn't red-blooded male, talky like a woman. "I say this in the nicest possible way," she simpers. But then her male colleague, Michael Gerson, suggests that we have an Ugly Party, which indulges in invective and an Adult Party, which
in my experience, is more like a seminar at the Aspen Institute -- presentation by David Broder, responses from E.J. Dionne Jr. and David Brooks -- on the electoral implications of the energy debate. I am more comfortable in this party for a few reasons: because it is more responsible, more reliable and less likely to wish its opponents would die.
Words, words, words! as Parker would probably agree with Liza Doolittle.

Maybe we can see a few rotten tomatoes tossed between these two. Unless they're both members of The Adult Party.

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