Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama's Oval Office Speech

I've got a bunch of tabs up to write a post, but MMonides at Balloon Juice says most of what I might have said.
IM less than HO, POTUS addressed every issue he needed to last night. He discussed the past, how we got in this situation, his own mistake in believing the safety technology was sufficient, the government response, and BP’s “recklessness.” He went on to commit to the Gulf’s recovery and to accountability, and presented a blue print for our government’s next steps. He tied the situation to our energy policy specifically, but without pushing any hot-button issues. He acknowledged MMS corruption, and his Administration’s plans to address it. He even pointed out how our addiction to fossil fuels has led us to us to risky deep water drilling, and how the environmental costs of fossil fuels far outweighs any energy tax. He continued to be the mature one in the room, asking his opposition for ideas instead of attacks.
I'd have added how this fits in with my unified theory of Obama's trying to organize this unruly community known as the United States of America and might even do some of that later.

Read the whole thing and the comments, which are always good at Balloon Juice.

Also see Steve Benen and Juan Cole.

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