Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bits and Pieces - Blogging Edition

It turns out that the Chinese official I mentioned a few days back didn't defect after all.

Notice that I linked to another blog, which linked to a newspaper article. I did that because the other blogger followed up on what he had said earlier, which was what I linked to. Not uncommon practices in the blogosphere, linking and following up, even if the seeming original story was more exciting than the reality.

I haven't ever wanted to be a part of ScienceBlogs, but we link to some of them in "bloggery" in the sidebar. They're a good group, some better than others, and, within a blog, some posts better than others. That's not uncommon in the blogosphere either.

So comes the New York Times media reporter (editor? Hard to find on the Times site) Virginia Heffernan, who is dismayed by the recent dustup at ScienceBlogs and that science blogs sometimes talk about stuff that isn't science. She goes on to recommend more respectable MSM online outlets, a single blogger who has left ScienceBlogs, and a denialist weatherman.

That blogger who left wrote a post in response, and Ms. Heffernan was kind enough to comment on the post. But oh dear, my goodness! (See, I'm not one of those bloggers who use nasty language!)

Ms. Heffernan had no idea that the denialist weatherman was a climate denialist! She just liked the way he wrote and the pretty graphics!

That's the media critic for the NYT. Good job, MSM!

Deltoid and Mike the Mad Biologist have good posts with lots of links.

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helmut said...

She says she "didn't even know about denialism"! That's really difficult to do, even if one is a "media critic."