Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bits and Pieces - September 21, 2010

Flooding continues in Pakistan.

Saber-tooth cat fossils and other goodies in Southern California.

Computer virus discovered that may have been aimed at Iran's Bushehr reactor.

We're probably not going to attack Iran any time soon.

Speaking of spying, the Russian FSB has picked up two. Doesn't seem to be a connection with the American two just indicted, although one always wonders. Possibly just a response to pressure from management.

This is a really important point: ultimately, paring down the defense budget means paring down missions. There's plenty that can be done in cutting out cold-war weapons we no longer need, but the real savings will come from fewer missions. We currently have bases in practically every country in the world. Do we need all that?

Healthcare timeline. When the various provisions become effective.

If you don't want any more politics, you can skip the rest.

Democrats now ahead in Gallup's generic poll. It probably doesn't mean much, but then why is there so much news about it when the Republicans are ahead?

I would like to hear more shout-outs from President Obama to his supporters, but he is the president of all the people. Didn't we find those biblical codes from George Bush inappropriate? And what would a liberal-base dogwhistle sound like?

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