Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Need a Copy Editor, Washington Post?

A big misnomer that both Democrats and Republicans buy into?

I realize that Wikipedia's top definition would allow this one to go through. But its examples all have to do with names. Merriam-Webster is more accurate. If you know Latin, you can't miss it: nomen, name. Misnomer. Something to do with the name. Marcus's column has nothing to do with names.

The last thing Republicans need is to be routing around in the ancient histories of black vs. white?

So the Republicans are using computer equipment? Or they are planning a trip? The editor is comparing the Republicans to pigs here, I think, so rooting would be correct.

It's really a shame when one of our national papers of record goes illiterate. Or perhaps the WaPo is trying to get ahead of the Tea Party momentum.

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