Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bits and Pieces - October 19, 2010

Roger Cohen gets it right: The Return of ‘Los 33’
The real Chilean “miracle” was man-made. It lay in the redemptive solidarity displayed — below ground, by rescuers at the site and on a global level — at a time of shrieking polarization in the United States, rampant self-obsession and persistent division.
I thought about writing a post along those lines. Cohen gets a bit woo-woo in the beginning of the op-ed, but his finish is just right. The miners and the rescuers were able to focus on the immense problem facing them and worked singlemindedly toward a solution. We've got enough problems just now that one might think our country could do the same.

The biggest US nuclear weapons have been taken out of the stockpile and are being dismantled.

The Iran Primer. In keeping with this week's overwork, I haven't read any of this yet, but the author list is impressive. Looks like a good reference.

Russia and the United States present a resolution supporting the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty to the United Nations. Let's see if we can do better than India.

Breaking: Republican tells the truth!

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