Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Make a War

There has been a certain amount of self-contratulation across the Web on how Israel built a worm and avoided shooting war with Iran. Plus Mossad won't confirm or deny the various murders in Iran of nuclear scientist, just smiles that Cheshire cat smile.

According to Richard Silverstein, Mossad kidnaped, some months back, an Iranian Revolutionary Guards general, who wound up in an Israeli prison, where he died recently. There is the usual argument about suicide or murder that ensues when someone dies in captivity under less-than-public circumstances.

Now, according to Silverstein, the Israeli Defense Force has circulated a letter to its reserve officers that they may be targets for Iranian hit men. Not too surprising that Iran might learn some lessons from this not-war, including lessons that Israel would have preferred they not learn.

So let's say that some Israelis are now blown up, selectively or not, and Mossad claims that the perpetrators can be traced back to Iran. How many rounds of that before Israel has to bomb Iran? In self-defense, of course.

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