Monday, February 14, 2011

Bits and Pieces - February 14, 2011

More Egypt:
Daniel Levy also thinks that a more independent Egypt can moderate Israel's behavior.

Egypt's natural gas.

Hard to say how accurate this story is of how Egypt's revolution came together, but it's completely plausible that it took some time.

In the rest of the world,
Most boneheaded interview questions ever.

Kevin Drum has all you need to know about the federal budget.

An insider says that the outcome of Mikhail Khodorkhovsky's trial was predetermined.

My favorite fractal vegetable. (See above photo.)

Read this article by substituting "Moslem" and related words in the appropriate places.

Strange doings over a museum exhibit of strange mummies. It appears that Caucasian people lived in Xinjiang at one time. If you're in Philadelphia, this is definitely worth seeing.

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