Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bits & Pieces - Helmut Edition August 4 2011

Is there water on Mars? A couple good leads (NASA photo above). And weird striations. But I couldn't fit the striations into Bowie lyrics.

Colleague Adi Ophir on "the politics of catastrophization." And former colleague Herman Daly on rethinking economic growth.

Taibbi: OMG! Krugman: WTF! But Krugman as political rookie?: Meep meep?

Bioprospecting or natural products development. On the other hand, illegal wildlife trade to China through organized crime. Because you can never have enough rhino horn for your goiters.

The "I was really drunk at the time" excuse. Mayor in New Mexico says he signed $1 million in architecture contracts while plastered: "The day I signed ... I had way too much to drink. It was after 5 p.m. and I signed it (the contracts) and I didn't know what I was signing," Resendiz wrote as a response to questions from lawyers for the firm. "My sister had to pick me up."

So, what's up down on the border with the Latin hoards coming to steal our cattle, women, and illegal-wage jobs while acting all swarthy and not speaking Amer'can? Nothin'.

Write a review of any album ever released (I doubt that, but still pretty cool).


Fan of the Phron said...

Well, I definitely needed one of those mouse vests! Seriously, they should sell that with the other never-knew-I-needed that stuff in Sky Mall.

troutsky said...

Tons of brain food as usual, thanks.