Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bits and Pieces - October 4, 2011

A long article from Michael Hirsh on why Europe's crisis is about much more than finance.

The Department of Homeland Security wants an enhanced security zone along the Canadian border. That includes those naked x-ray machines for everyone crossing the border.

Ezra Klein explains why he's covering Occupy Wall Street.

Suzy Khimm and Andrew Ross Sorkin on what the protesters want.

And a couple more reasons for demonstrating:
Corporations make big bucks by cutting hygiene corners. Maybe we need more effective regulation, which would cost money that just might come from taxing the hyper-wealthy.

The political influence of the hyper-wealthy that is allowing global warming to continue, in a chart.

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troutsky said...

"Corporate money" is the only frame these journalists are able to relate to as they too wish to "reform business and government" and somehow bring capitalism "back' into balance or equilibrium.

They are incapable of thinking more abstractly or radically and seeing Wall Street or "corporate money" as mere symbols of a system of exploitation.

When Sorkin says "trapped by it" he knows but can't articulate what "it" is.