Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nuclear Diner Now Open

A couple of friends and I wanted to make an internet place where people could discuss nuclear issues.

The problem we see with current discussions of nuclear issues is that they are often among the convinced of one thing or another, and that they are often within expert communities. Both have made for a restricted vision of what is possible and how the many problems associated with both nuclear power and nuclear weapons might be solved.

So we hope to open up the discussion at Nuclear Diner. The site contains a number of ways to express your opinion or participate in a discussion. We want both non-experts and experts to contribute. You can read everything at the site except personal profiles without registering, but you need to register to comment.

I will continue to post my political and philosophical ideas here, but most of my nuclear maunderings will be found at Nuclear Diner. I'll occasionally cross-post if I think I've written something particularly good. Right now, I'm liveblogging the Reagan-Gorbachev summit at Reykjavik. It's exciting. Check it out.

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