Friday, November 25, 2011

Bits and Pieces - Black Friday Edition

I keep wondering if others see the term "Black Friday" in any positive light. The "Black Day" phrase has been connected to bad events far too uniformly for me to feel good about it. And I hate shopping crowds, so there is nothing about today's shopping events that seems good to me.

Helmut has already linked the pepper spray incident in California. All's fair in shopping!

Kevin Drum, who seems as puzzled as I am about the nomenclature, tries to find how this linguistic perversion originated.

Also in the realm of vicious stupidity: commerce in chicken-pox-infected lollypops and infection parties. The authorities may be cracking down on these illegal activities.

Hard to tell whether this is good or bad: Nobody misses Murdoch's News of the World, but does it mean that newspapers are nonessential? And we may speculate what would happen if the Murdoch pox infects Fox News.

And a slide show of more attractive (at least on the outside) public toilets.

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