Monday, November 28, 2011

Bits and Pieces - November 28, 2011

Big headline story today is that the Fed gave the banks even more money than you thought. Here's Kevin Drum's reaction, which is pretty close to mine. And maybe the Fed could teach the European Central Bank a thing or two.

More economics: "1) do lower marginal tax rates on the rich result in higher income inequality, and 2) do higher taxes on the rich result in lower economic growth? Answers: yes and no."

Glenn Greenwald eviscerates Bob Schrieffer's journalism.

Why companies that insist on work uber alles, including being sick, are hurting themselves.

Some more of what we're not hearing about the Murdoch newspaper scandal in Britain.

You know that cyberattack on a water treatment plant? It wasn't.

Upper class dwarf throwing.

Lana Peters, nee Svetlana Stalina, has died. A small personal note: she looked remarkably like my mother.

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