Friday, February 24, 2012

Worth Saying Again

The judgement of the US intelligence community and others in the government is that Iran does not have a current nuclear weapons program.

Also, they don't have missiles that can reach the US and aren't likely to for several years at the earliest. Israel pulled this one out of their, um, hat this week to try to drum up support for - what? Even more sanctions? War? Dan Murphy points out that this kind of talk has been around for some time, and, say it again, Iran doesn't present a danger to the United States.


opit said...

One would have to say it interminably - typical of propaganda campaigns. I've blogged it any number of ways at - the blog is Searchable - but quick links outlining the nature of the assault are at CASMII. Transcend Media has an article on the NPT TRAP - which I strongly suspect is an old Rand Corp. ( think tank ) military psyops program.

opit said...