Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bits and Pieces - November 28, 2012

What is our reporters learning? Not very much when they've got what they consider a good story, it seems. They thought that NASA had a big discovery on Mars, but it appears they heard wrong and didn't bother to check. Or they get handed a hot document by the usual suspects in Vienna and present it as solid evidence of Iran's nuclear program, apparently without checking.

Ezra Klein interviews Chrystia Freeland, who has been talking to the plutocrats. Apparently they really do believe that what is good for them is good for the country.

The mysterious X-37B Spaceplane.

It shoulda been the Canadians who invaded in "Red Dawn."

A trowel made of uranium? NRC solves the mystery, part I and part II.

Good News
Increasing numbers of children in the UK are receiving MMR vaccine.

 American heterosexual white male of middle-class status recognizes that that status confers privilege, suggests that his peers get over it. On a politically conservative blog.

Tallinn's Christmas market. With video that doesn't seem to be embeddable.

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