Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Bits and Pieces - December 4, 2012

Israel's method of thanking the United States for its support at the UN on the vote for Palestine as an observer nation was to announce that it plans to build settlements in one of the most controversial areas near Jerusalem. That's gotten some people to thinking about changes in the unthinking US support for Israel.
Stephen Walt
Robert Wright
Ottomans and Zionists

A Christian minister signs up for the War on Christmas.

Some cool photos of the Tobalchik Volcano erupting in Kamchatka.

If you're on Facebook, you should vote to continue to be able to vote.

The North Koreans seem to be preparing another rocket launch.

Another of my contributions at Nuclear Diner, on what a rare earths plant in Estonia can tell us about whether Burma is working on a bomb. I apologize for spending so much time over there; I have ideas for posts here, including what music says about us as a cooperating species. One small piece of that argument here.

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