Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bits and Pieces - February 19, 2014

Ukraine links (a little more than in the MSM):

Yanukovych’s gamble and Kiev’s burning

How western Ukraine is driving a revolution

Russia's covert role in the Ukrainian crisis


The real story here is that banks trade in all sorts of physical commodities now. The headline about Iran? Oh yeah, long before Goldman Sachs, long before the Iranian revolution, the company they bought sold uranium to the Shah. But anything for clicks, I guess.

I'm not sure this is a good way to sell science or that it even makes much sense. What do you think?

Coming a little late, but well worth it: How Sid Caesar learned double-talk. With a great video.

Another woman's scientific contributions usurped.

Internet trolls are just your everyday sadists.

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S. Leslie Blatt said...

Probably not a good way to "sell" science, but a very important message to the science educators -- a reminder of the importance of what they are doing, and a challenge to re-double their efforts to get through to their students, and to attract other students to this crucial part of true understanding that a democracy (and civilization itself!) really needs.

Les Blatt, Professor Emeritus of Physics and Education, Clark University