Thursday, December 22, 2005

Are the Days Getting Longer, or What?

Winter in South Texas: we sat outside, last night, as the temperature dropped rapidly from around 70 to about 45 (it dropped into the 30s as we slept) & roasted eggplants in a chiminea over mesquite embers & drank beer.

Our freezer is full of tamales. Hundreds of chattering birds wake us each morning. It's sunny again, today, and warming quickly. The bougainvillea is covered with what strikes me as an absurd amount of purple flowers, and the orange tree is bearing lots of its extra-sweet fruit again this year. Here are a couple of five-minute-old photos for those of you in cold, cloudy places.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Thanks for the pics from us up here in the 'cold cloudy places'. I could take some pictures of icicles for you, but that might not warm you up.

flaco delgado said...

Ah, bougainvillea. They do have a ridiculous number of blossoms. The ice and snow here melted Monday afternoon. Don't worry though, I'll post a photo of a bunch of us standing around in sweaters watching fireworks on the next 4th of July.