Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Unintentional Photography


Sometimes failed photographic shots turn out interesting after all. It's a bit like the art of found objects, except that there is an original intentionality built into the photograph. The intention was simply foiled, usually by ineptitude or simply loading the camera and sending off an unintentional shot that made it onto the negative. Accident is everywhere around us - may as well embrace it as an aesthetic since "experience invariably teaches by means of surprises" (Peirce). I've collected these over the years. Hope you enjoy them.


Winter 2005, DC

Acadia Sky


Football, Beaufort, North Carolina

Failed photos by Helmut


One more unintentional photo. I met a good old friend from Poland - a photographer and cinematographer - while taking this shot.

Photo by Helmut


MT said...

Footballs have clean lines. What you snapped there in Beaufort is a UFO. I'm sure because I've seen photos just like it.

helmut said...

That explains why I woke up the next day with probe scars on my body.