Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Wrong President

Googlepoems, updates, links,... how about checking out what the Right has to say? I haven't tried that. Let's see [via Daou]...

Want to know what I really think? I think Bush is a decent guy. I think he’s a courageous and intelligent man, with a lot of integrity. You don’t learn to fly Delta Daggers and then volunteer for a combat squadron late in a war that was already lost without possessing all those qualities.

I think he’s more amenable to liberalism and its reverence for the UN and comfort with subjugating US interests to those of false former allies than I’d like him to be. And I think, above all else, that he’s human, and as such is just about sick to death of the relentlessly vicious, dishonest bullshit tossed at him by hate-filled moral and intellectual pygmies who, by their own admission, would rather see our enemies triumph than offer one shred of nonpartisan support for a Republican President in time of war.

And I can’t blame him. If — after having endured the toxic, diseased sewage flung at him by an apeshit Left so repellent and debased it can’t even see its way clear to condemning beheaders motivated by a religious fundamentalism that would, in other circumstances, be a matter of great concern to them — Bush feels like shrugging his shoulders and saying something along the lines of, “You can have it, jerks” and going back to splitting wood at the ranch…well, what normal, sane person could possibly blame him?

Um, beheading is bad, isn't it? I'm liberal and hate-filled and can't remember.

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