Friday, November 23, 2007

Mp3 Find of the Day

Very sweet pop from Thailand from about 1970. This is The Impossibles, courtesy of Scott at the fabulous mp3 blog, Crud Crud. The songs from the album are listed in Thai, which neither Scott nor I can read. I have only been able to add one extra bit of info: song 1 is "Nai Wa Ja Jum" (ไหนว่าจะจำ). Anyone who can name the other two songs is more than welcome to comment both here and chez Crud Crud.

This music is really lovely. A sweet voice, gentle pop melodies, and a mood that runs between sunshine pop, early US R&B/Soul, and Thai pleng phua cheewit (a special variant of this brand of Thai pop called "String"). The second tune adds samba guitar and a soft Stan Getz-like sax. Available cds can be found here.

The Impossibles were from Bangkok and, Scott surmises, must have been especially popular with US GIs in SE Asia at the time. This was also when I lived in Thailand, but I just don't remember the band. I'm sure I heard them at some point but, like most youngsters at the time, I was still into the Beatles and, as I've mentioned before, the bubblegum group Pilot (who is a guilty pleasure to this day).

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