Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Candidates: John McCain

Crist was asked if McCain used that tenacious, unyielding persistence in seeking the guv’s endorsement.

“Well, not that much,” Crist began answering.

“It was just waterboarding,” McCain interjected.


Anonymous said...

McCain made a joke about torture, but the point of it seemed to be self-deprecating, not "torture's cool." Not very funny, but I think he's stood pretty much four square against it (torture, not humor). Perhaps this is a case of "I can talk bad about my mother but you can't"--only it's "I can make jokes about (my) torture, but you can't." Or maybe it's a case of "I'm freaking exhausted and the Straight Talk Express is floored and I can't stop it." Regardless of what it is, he might be a loon about Iraq and Iran, but I'm pretty sure he's against torture.
Oh, wait, maybe you're being funny too. Hell, I just can't tell any longer.
The one thing I do know is that McCain's wife likes to get coked up, get her mulatto bastard baby and go out torturing Christians. That much I definitely know.

helmut said...

Just quoting....